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Fighting To Save Our Green Belt Since 2014

SCANGB was originally formed in January 2014 to defend the Parish of Northaw & Cuffley against the Metropolis planning application to build circa 591 dwellings (now increased to 608) in our Green Belt. Since those early days it quickly became evident the Metropolis application was not the only threat we would face. It’s just the beginning - we will all need to continue the fight to preserve and protect the openness of our rural environment.

We think it's fair to say that since the formation of SCANGB we have learnt a lot about planning regulations, processes, tactics, customs and practices by the applicants – in fact we are still learning and very often dumbstruck by the approach that is taken in total disregard for planning regulations and the opinion of residents who will be affected by these developments.

We continue to work tirelessly to save our Green Belt. Our success is down to the support of our friends in the community - we are ever thankful.

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Residents of Northaw & Cuffley wrote to the planners with 1000+ letters of objection to the Metropolis development.

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Have you hear the good news?

The Metropolis / Magenta planning application to build Circa 600 properties on the edge of Cuffley has been turned down by Welwyn & Hatfield planning committee.

It’s a WIN but not the end of the fight...

  The applicate has at long last seen sense - realising an appeal would be a futile exercise they have declined to take any further action!

Unfortunately this is not the end of our work.  The same site (albeit the lower section of the site) adjacent to Northaw Road East (promoted by Magenta Planning & owned by Cattlegate Farm) together with the adjacent Wells Farm site are proposed to be removed from the Green Belt under the Welwyn & Hatfield Local Plan.  Both the Parish Council, Northaw & Cuffley Residents Association & SCANGB oppose these plans.  To this end the Parish Council are now seeking Legal Counsel.  In addition the Parish Council have pledged £100,000 as a fighting fund.  This money will be raised by an increase in the Parish Council precept (paid by all properties in our Parish).

Why do we feel it’s worth opposing these two sites?

If these sites are developed it will leave an indefensible boundary that will, by stealth over time allow the expansion of property to cover the whole of the Metropolis site and further expand up the hill into the adjoining B. Barrett land.  We estimate the overall increase will amount to Circa 1200.

Join with us in supporting the Parish Council - to prevent Cuffley Village becoming Cuffley Town


Further housing expansion being considered for Northaw & Cuffley - it’s already been passed by the Cabinet Housing Planning Panel (CHPP). This new target over doubles the previous allocation & pushes the numbers up to what we feel is an unacceptable 416. In addition the proposed inclusion of two new sites (Wells Farm & the lower part of the Metropolis site) will have leave & indefinable boundary that could lead to Circa 1200 new homes built over time.

Please see both our Reports & Local Plan pages - for details of the proposals.